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For exercisers of any experience level, the Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer is an affordable, efficient and easy to use fitness machine ideal for losing weight and improving your cardiovascular health. Some of the main features of this innovative elliptical include:

Adjustable incline levels. A wide range of incline options on the 770AT allow for a versatile workout. Higher inclines replicate running up a steep hill, while the lower setting is similar to the gliding movements of cross country skiing. The middle inclines present a natural running motion.

Level foot pedals for lower impact on the knees. Both of the 770AT’s pedals are level during motion in order to lessen the stress placed on the knees and ankles.

Simple down and back motion. The fundamental movement of the 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer makes it a breeze for exercisers to stay centered on their running pace rather than the motion of their legs.

Why Train With An Elliptical?

  • *Elliptical cross trainers are very helpful if you would like to build more strength and develop more endurance. A weight-bearing exercise, using an elliptical targets the quadriceps, calves and hamstrings without straining the knees. This can be a major plus for those exercisers who suffer from recurring joint pain or inflammation.
  • *If weight loss is among your main fitness goals, the 770AT is simply an essential part of the plan. You’ll burn calories as you improve your aerobic conditioning.
  • *Elliptical trainers like the Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer is user friendly and simply saves time. It doesn’t require a lot of space and can easily be set up at your home. Additionally, the 770AT provides a comprehensive, high intensity exercise in about half the time it can take when compared to standard workouts.

*Actual product’s, appearance, options and more may vary from picture and description above.