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Bulk Pricing Program

The Pound4Pound Fitness Equipment bulk pricing program was specifically designed to accommodate the inventory of domestic and international fitness equipment resellers, retailers, distributors and service companies. We take in a very large amount of equipment every month.

We work direct with commercial facilities like Park Districts, Police / Fire Departments, Apartment / Condo Complexes, Personal Training Studios, Membership Based Gyms, YMCA’s and we also work direct with Manufacturer’s to acquire our used exercise equipment.

We understand that we cannot serve every buyer in every market, but we put tremendous value into companies that want to buy in bulk direct from us so that they can serve the market that they have day-to-day involvement with. We are here to help you serve your customers!

There is no warranty offered with our bulk pricing items. We also do not recondition the items, unless there is one-off situations with retailers. Otherwise, we ensure that our bulk pricing items are in working condition and depend on buyers that are a part of this program to have resources in place to recondition the items themselves.

We look to build long-term, regularly buying relationships with bulk buying customers. We ask that you fill out the form so Ownership can review and reach out. All bulk buying opportunities are completed off-line. We are happy to make arrangements for potential buyers to visit our factory warehouse.

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Please use the form below to fill out our Bulk Pricing Program with Pound4Pound Fitness Equipment. Our associates will process your submission and let you know if you qualify for our bulk discounts.

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