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A key benefit to exercising on a recumbent bike is, naturally, cardiovascular improvement. Using a recumbent bike is an aerobic activity that targets some of the body’s primary muscle groups like the quads, glutes, hamstrings and legs. Many who perform consistent cardio experience a boost in lung and heart function and lowering of blood pressure. Please consult with your physician before beginning an exercise plan – with a recumbent bike or other form of fitness machine – if you have a history of heart or lung issues.

Recumbent Bikes Atlanta

The positioning of the user is one of the advantages to a recumbent unit. Many people don’t like the sensation of being off-balance, which makes the lower seated placement of a recumbent less problematic. The seat is bigger and a semi-reclined posture tends to be more comfortable than an upright or leaning forward position upon an upright bike.

Recumbent Bikes Atlanta

The positioning is natural, so the user’s back muscles won’t feel fatigued or pulled and less pressure is applied to the knees and hips. This makes Recumbent Bikes Atlanta a fine fitness selection for people who struggle with arthritis or another condition that can make exercise difficult.

Another positive to Recumbent Bikes Atlanta – besides comfort – is that the positioning of the user’s body does not permit for standing upright on the unit’s pedals.

Because recumbent bikes enable the user to remain comfortable during a fitness session, it naturally makes it easier to stay consistent with a fitness plan. This basically means you will not only remain on the unit for a longer period every session, but you are more likely to exercise frequently. That means you’ll stay right on track toward attaining your fitness goals!

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