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Lose Weight Using an Elliptical Trainer

Regularly scheduled sessions of cardio exercise are simply a must for achieving weight loss for the long term. Cardiovascular exercise not only burns calories but is beneficial for your general health too. An elliptical is a piece of fitness equipment that’s low-impact but still provides an effective, challenging workout that will show results. In just about an hour, a person weighing 160 pounds can typically burn as many as 800 calories. To drop just one pound of fat, you’ll need to burn an additional 3,500 calories. By exercising on Used Elliptical Trainers Hartford with the goal of losing one to two pounds each week, you’ll lose around 20 pounds in as fast as ten weeks.*

Suggestions for Used Elliptical Trainers Hartford Training Plans

Step One. Do elliptical workouts from five to seven days each week to attain approximate weight loss of 20 pounds or even more. Daily exercise is advised for best results.

Step Two. Do your exercising at a moderate to high level of intensity per workout. It is acceptable to begin at a light or moderate pace if you’re new to fitness.

Step Three. Keep building until each Used Elliptical Trainers Hartford session lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. If you’re new to exercising begin with just three 10-minute sessions per day. You start burning calories and steadily develop more endurance.

Step Four. Try out various programs on your elliptical, altering your resistance and pace settings. Performing the same workout routine too frequently will allow your body to become overly-accustomed to it and diminish your progress.

Step Five. Gradually add higher-intensity intervals to your Used Elliptical Trainers Hartford workouts. After warming up for about five to 10 minutes at a relatively moderate rate increase the resistance and pace or incline to a higher intensity for about 30 to 60 seconds. Then go back to a lower intensity for one to three minutes.

*Consult your doctor before starting an exercise or weight loss plan.