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Used Ellipticals Austin TX

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Lose Weight and Improve Cardio with Elliptical Machine Workouts

The elliptical machine is beneficial for practically any one looking to lose weight. Certainly, exercise on these efficient machines offers a calorie burn that approximates running and other aerobics.

The typical amount of calories burn using an elliptical for one hour is approximately 800. The precise calorie amount you burn depends on a few different factors. For instance, your present weight, height, duration of your workouts and the incline setting you select.

It may seem like you’ll burn a greater number of calories by choosing higher incline and resistance,

but this isn’t always so. If your body isn’t ready from a fitness standpoint, you won’t be exercising with the right form. For example, someone whose legs aren’t long enough to complete each pedal properly should reset their machine.

Used Ellipticals Austin TX

Perhaps you discover you are able to rotate the foot pedals only by shifting your weight to the side. This indicates the incline is set too high. Note that your knees should be slightly bent while you pedal the elliptical machine.

Interval training is another effective way to burn those extra calories. Consequently, you’ll experience positive results from your Used Ellipticals Austin TX. Try pedaling at a medium pace for about two minutes. Then pedal harder for one minute. Alternate this pattern for 20 minutes. You will perform a workout that burns more calories than maintain the same pace throughout. As you become fitter, you’ll then be capable of a 30-minute interval session.

Used Ellipticals Austin TX make a great addition for any commercial or home gym. Choose from our extensive selection of these high quality, versatile fitness machines. All of the equipment we stock at Pound4Pound is expertly reconditioned and priced affordably!