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Pound4Pound is a leading source of top quality equipment for commercial fitness facilities and home gyms of any size. We stock a large inventory of Used Ellipticals Baltimore, treadmills, steppers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, strength machines, free weights and more. Pound4Pound also specializes in moving and setting up fitness machines – whether it’s across town or across the nation!

Used Ellipticals Baltimore

Get Fit and Lose Weight With Used Ellipticals Baltimore from Pound4Pound

Elliptical trainers minimize the impact and strain on the legs – the user’s feet don’t leave the pedals. In contrast, walking or running, each step creates a jolt to the body. It is estimated that runners absorb an impact approximately twice their body’s weight. This has an effect on not just the joints in your legs but also on the lower back.

Movement on an elliptical replicates the natural motion of the hip, knee and ankle during walking or running. To minimize the impact on the user’s joints, many ellipticals feature articulating pedals that adapt to their stride.

One of the features that makes Used Ellipticals Baltimore a unique type of machine is the combo upper and lower workout. Actually, ellipticals simultaneously work several muscles. That’s the reason ellipticals are often referred to as cross-trainers.

Similar to a treadmill, elliptical trainers are made with a range of challenging exercise settings. These different options can replicate activities such as interval training or running up a hill via alternating resistance. Many models of ellipticals are manufactured with a wireless heart rate controls, which enables you to optimize your exercise routine by letting your own heart rate to control resistance levels.

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