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Benefits of Stretching As Part of Used Ellipticals Houston Machine Training

We hear a lot about the many benefits of routine, rigorous exercise. Without a doubt, exercise offers many excellent results for people of all ages and conditions. However, it is also helpful to understand to benefits of stretching too. For example, stretching eases muscle tightness and tensions that result from exercise. When performed correctly, stretching helps both the body and one’s mental outlook. It serves to keep your muscles flexible while promoting mental and emotional wellness.

Stretching helps improve your muscles’ range of motion. Dynamic stretching, which mirrors the exercise you perform, are optimal following your workouts. Exercise on an elliptical regularly for long periods risks overuse injury. However, stretching decreases this risk by keeping your muscles flexible and loose rather than shorter and tense.

The elliptical provides a workout to the hip flexor muscles located at the top of your thigh. It also targets the ligaments that surround your hip joints. Stretch those tissues by putting one leg behind you and the other bent forward. Keep your front knee in line with your foot. Lift the back leg at the toes and feel the stretching in your calves up through the hips. Hold position for 12 seconds.

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Shoulder and Arm Stretches

Your shoulders and arms exercise when you utilize the arm pulls on your elliptical machine. Stretch these muscle tissues as well as your calf and thighs with the downward dog. Start in the kneeling position. Slowly bend forward to place your palms flat upon the floor. Lift your hips, positioning your hands under your shoulders and feet. Allow your legs to fully extend. Pulling in your stomach, keep your back straight while pushing the hips backward and up. Keep your head in line between your arms, facing downward. Push your heels to the floor and feel the stretch. Your body will take an inverted “vee” position. Hold this for 12 seconds. Used Ellipticals Houston