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It’s a common issue for runners. Should you run on a treadmill or on an elliptical machine? Which is the best form of exercise? There is no single answer since there are multiple factors and each person’s fitness plan is unique. Determining the right aerobic activity depends upon what you’re looking for in your workouts.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is an activity of fairly low intensity. You can do aerobics for an extended time period. Doing aerobic exercises is good for your heart and lungs. In addition, it improves circulation and breathing along with other benefits. If conditioning is your objective, then Used Ellipticals Los Angeles provides an affordable solution.

Lose Weight

When it comes to the goal of weight loss, the elliptical against offers a good option. For example, running at 12-minutes per mile burns about 600 calories an hour for a person weighing 155 pounds. Elliptical machines burn approximately 670 calories hourly at a medium intensity. Try to alternate your elliptical training sessions with running outside to maximize the benefits.

Easy On Joints – Used Ellipticals Los Angeles

If you’re worried about the impact that running places upon your joints, the elliptical is a better aerobic activity for you. A lower-impact exercise, the elliptical puts less stress on the hips, back and knees than treadmill running. Also, the elliptical is significantly less stressing than running on hard surfaces like asphalt or cement.

Utilized appropriately, an elliptical won’t result in knee joint pain. If you have knee problems, however, you might still experience some knee pain after elliptical training. Consult with your physician before starting a new fitness program. Used Ellipticals Los Angeles


Many runners decide to complement their outdoor runs with elliptical machine training. The versatile machines replicate the movement of running and are easy on the knees and ankles.