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Used Ellipticals San Diego

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Runners: Supplement Your Training with Elliptical Machine Workouts

Aerobic activities cause the heart to beat faster. It also causes faster, deeper breathing and the release of endorphins. The American Heart Association recommends adults get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least five days per week. You can boost your aerobic activities by running, walking, biking or on an elliptical machine. Exercising on Used Ellipticals San Diego provides your body with an effective aerobic workout. In addition, elliptical machines can offer more benefits for those with joint pains.

Function of the Used Ellipticals San Diego

The design of elliptical machines is to assist your aerobic workouts. These efficient machines offer adjustable incline and resistance settings for all levels of athlete effort. Running outside presents limitations because you won’t need to maintain a specific pace. Also, you’re limited to the terrain around where you run. For instance, if you’re in a “flat” area, there’s no opportunity to run up hills. Working out on elliptical machines increases your aerobic exercise. Consequently, that increases stamina and helps you lose weight, lower health risks, strengthen your cardio system and improve mood.

Naturally, runners can train outside on tracks, streets and trails. Experts recommend running on a rubberized track or softer terrain instead of pavement. Softer surfaces absorb impact better, which relieves some of the stress on your joints. Additionally, you can run on indoor tracks or on a quality treadmill from Pound4Pound. Elliptical machines are ideal for inside use and come in a range of types. For example, some ellipticals feature movable grips that replicate the motion of cross-country skiing.

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In summary, elliptical machines provide benefits similar to running outdoors. However, ellipticals present a few advantages too. They provide a workout that’s easier on the knees, back and hips. Plus, they offer the convenience of 24/7 availability. Order yours today from Pound4Pound at 847-558-9748.