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Used Ellipticals San Francisco CA

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When it comes to essential fitness machines for your commercial or home gym, it’s tough to beat stationary bikes. From a practical view, stationary bike exercises are good for practically anyone regardless of their condition and age. Plus, the user can read, watch TV or listen to music as they exercise.

Pound4Pound stocks a wide selection of stationary bikes with our Used Ellipticals San Francisco CA machines. We cater to everyone from newbies on a tight budget to commercial gyms who need several machines. In any case, our customers can always count on dependable, quality machines at low prices. Our technicians expertly restore pre-owned machines to excellent condition. In addition, our customer care reps know exactly how to provide equipment ideal for your facility.

Burn Calories with Treadmills, Stationary Bikes and Used Ellipticals San Francisco CA

You might be unaware of the significant calorie burn that’s possible though stationary bike exercise.

The precise amount varies depending on a different factors. These typically include weight, speed and resistance levels you select. Duration of the workout is also an important factor. However, practically anyone can effectively burn an amount of calories that helps lose weight.

As a general guide, consider a calorie burn during a stationary bike workout for a person weighing 180 pounds. If he or she cycle at a medium pace for only 15 minutes, they burn approximately 150 calories. A heavier person cycling at the same effort burns more calories. Conversely, a lighter person pedaling at the same pace burns fewer calories. Used Ellipticals San Francisco CA

To maximize the exercise benefits of a stationary bike, consider interval training. By switching between slow, medium and faster pedaling, you’ll burn more calories than maintaining a steady speed.