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Burn calories and body fat with elliptical machine workouts

Because of its potential for high-calorie burn exercises, elliptical exercising helps shed body fat and improve tone. This is especially true if you perform interval workouts. To optimize calorie burning, you’ll want to raise the intensity of your training sessions.

Consider making interval training part of your Used Ellipticals San Jose sessions with a two to one ratio. For instance, perform 30 seconds of high-intensity work, then do 15 seconds of recovery. Alternatively, do one minute of intense work followed with 30 seconds of recovery time. Keep moving your legs throughout the recovery times. Keep moving the pedals, but at a slower rate.

Specifically, target quads and calves

You can adjust both the incline and resistance of the machine’s foot pedals. By doing so, you’ll target different muscle areas of the lower body. For example, this targets the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

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By raising the incline setting, you’ll target the muscle groups of your lower body burning. If you set the foot pedals a little lower, you might feel your quadriceps working more. In addition, because the pedals can move in the reverse direction, you can switch the direction of your gait. This puts a focus more upon your glutes and hamstrings.

Improve your sense of balance

Weight-bearing activities can help improve bone strength. But are you aware it may also improve your sense of balance? Stand up straight and release the elliptical handles. This targets your core muscles and develops better balance.

Just make certain the incline and resistance settings are manageable so you can utilize your elliptical safely without gripping the handles.

These are just a few of the possible ways to optimize elliptical machine workouts. You’ll find a machine ideal for your fitness needs among our wide selection of affordable Used Ellipticals San Jose equipment.