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Used Ellipticals Tucson AZ

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What’s the most effective workout for burning those excess calories? Naturally, it’s cardio! But are you aware that the two most commonly used cardio fitness machines – treadmills and ellipticals – target different muscle groups and yield different results?

By knowing which area of the body these machines work, you’ll make accurate decisions on which one to use. This helps minimize risk of injury, assist weight loss and strengthen your body’s core.

Lower Impact, Easier on Knees, Ankles

Cardio activity on elliptical machines place less impact on the joints, especially the knees. The elliptical mirrors the act of climbing stairs. As a result, the user doesn’t need to pound their feet on the deck. This is a major benefit that prevents knee discomfort and injury.

A Total Body Workout

The elliptical machine targets the legs, biceps, laterals, triceps and core. Consequently, you’ll perform a total body exercise that improves muscle tone and strengthens the core. In addition, working out on Used Ellipticals Tucson AZ can even improve your sense of balance.

Exercise in Reverse – Used Ellipticals Tucson AZ

You can even pedal in reverse on your Used Ellipticals Tucson AZ. It’s a good way to target other muscle groups while engaging in a mixed session that gets real results.

A True Calorie Burn

The elliptical machine helps to consume approximately 200 to 300 calories in only 30 minutes. This is comparable to running upon a treadmill. However, an elliptical provides a total body workout.

When To Exercise On an Elliptical Machine

You can benefit from elliptical exercises when:

-You are in recovery from injury or illness. Start slow and you’ll gradually build endurance and feel stronger.

-You’re feeling joint pain and require do lower-impact exercises.

-You require a combination of upper and lower body exercises.