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Looking to lose weight and build endurance? The Stairmaster may just be the type of Used Fitness Equipment Albuquerque that’s right for you. Some of the benefits to exercising on this popular machine include:

Strengthen your body’s skeletal system. A main benefit to Stairmaster workouts is that it helps to strengthen your skeletal structure. This is largely due to the science involved in weight-bearing activities. Basically, weight-bearing exercises are any type that places stress or weight on the bones. Running up stairs, which is obviously what this machine replicates, is that type of exercise.

As a result, it helps strengthen bones in a way similar to how muscles get stronger. A weight-bearing exercise does for the bones what weight lifting does for the muscle tissue.

Used Fitness Equipment Albuquerque

Lose weight. Another benefit that you can enjoy from utilizing a Stairmaster is an effective calorie burn. Naturally, this is critical if your goal is to lose some weight. Consider that walking ten steps upon a Stairmaster is the equivalent of walking 40 steps on the ground. That makes the Stairmaster approximately four times more efficient in burning calories than regular walking.

Your body must have energy in order to function. That energy has to come from the calories you consume. However, if you do not have an available calorie supply, your body turns to its fat stores for energy. That’s when that all-important “burn” takes place.

The amount of calories you can burn on a Stairmaster depends upon your body weight. Heavier people tend to burn more than lighter people. Regardless, you’ll still burn calories on your Stairmaster. For instance, a 140-pound individual burns about 540 calories for each hour of Stairmaster use. Alternatively, a 165-pound individual burns about 660 calories per hour.

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