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Why Elliptical Machines Offer So Many Health Benefits

There is no more effective way to stay in good health than with regular exercise. Furthermore, there is practically no better way to get it than by exercising on an elliptical machine. At Pound4Pound, we carry a selection elliptical machines as part of our inventory of Used Fitness Equipment Long Beach. If your goal is tone your midsection and build endurance, the elliptical is ideal. Benefits include:

Low Impact Exercise

One of the prime benefits to elliptical machines is that they’re easy on the knees, ankles and back. The same thing can’t be said for some other exercises such as outdoor running, for example. High impact exercise can result in pain and damage to the joints over time.

Consequently, the damage can accumulate and lead to major joint problems later on. On elliptical machines, your feet don’t leave the pedals, so there’s no jarring impact. In comparison to running on pavement, an elliptical may very well save your joints from injury.

Used Fitness Equipment Long Beach California

Get Rid of Abdominal Fat
Another reason to make an elliptical machine part of your gym is because they’re so effective for burning calories. In combination with weight training, an elliptical machine helps you develop toned abdominals.

Typically for most people, aerobic exercising is the single best method for burning maximum calories in a brief amount of time. This is in contrary to the previously held belief that resistance training was the best way to burn fat, specifically belly fat. Used Fitness Equipment Long Beach California

Belly fat or being overweight can cause heart disease, diabetes, and even put you at an increased risk of getting cancer. An elliptical machine burns a lot of calories because it combines many motions into one. They make you engage your abdominals to keep upright, especially when you don’t use the arm supports. Used Fitness Equipment Long Beach California