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Used Fitness Equipment Orlando

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Improve your cardio with Used Fitness Equipment Orlando like treadmills, stepper machines and upright bikes. Pound4Pound offers money-saving deals on a variety of these quality fitness machines. We stock a range of equipment from leading manufacturers ideal for your home or commercial gym

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With any type of cardio fitness machines, it’s a good practice to do a gradual warm-up at the beginning of your exercise session and to do a cool-down when you’re finished. Both should be for at least five minutes.

Used Fitness Equipment Orlando

Here’s a quick listing of some of the equipment we have and tips for their use:

Treadmills. Most of the treadmills we stock as part of our Used Fitness Equipment Orlando inventory offer a wide selection of programs to choose from. A useful idea is to run along with a partner on the treadmill unit next to yours. By taking turns on setting pace, incline and duration you’ll make each session different and the time will pass quickly.

Stepper machines. To optimize your workout on a stepper, try not to support your body weight with your hands on the railings. This way you’ll get a more beneficial workout.

Upright bikes. By sure to secure the foot-straps so that you can pull up as well as push down as your pedal to generate more power. Alternate periods of sitting in the unit’s saddle with other periods of standing upright on the pedals. This makes a more challenging session that builds your leg strength.

Recumbent bikes. When you set the positioning of the unit’s seat, try to keep your knees slightly bent while your feet are in the pedals. This helps to transmit power to the pedal more efficiently.

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