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The stair climber is a fitness machine that provides a workout that targets the glutes, hips, thighs and core. The user works the lower body with a variable resistance quick repetition training style. It serves to move the legs through a full range of motions. Stair climbing targets the areas of the body where females, in particular, tend to collect body fat. Without a doubt, with stair climber exercises you’ll work key leg muscles multiple times each minute. You’re basically performing very “high rep” sets. This is a very good way to develop lean, toned muscle tissue. That makes stair climbers a great choice for sculpting those glutes!

Strengthening Your Core

When you’re exercising on a stair climber machine, those steps just keep on coming. After some time, it’s understandable if you feel like leaning over to allow your body a quick break. However, by remaining upright with your core still engaged you’ll strengthening your abdominal. Also, the hip movement involved in your activity engages your external oblique muscles. That all results in very effective core exercise as you work the rest of the body.

Used Fitness Equipment Sacramento  – Stronger Bone Density

Stair climbing is a form of weight-bearing activity. That’s because it places you against the forces of gravity. As a result, it helps to enhance bone density and combat age-related conditions that affect bones like osteoporosis. Used Fitness Equipment Sacramento

Lose Weight.

How many calories is it possible to burn on a stair climber? It largely depends on your body weight. The more someone weighs, the more calories they’ll burn. This is because the body must move against a resistance with each step.

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