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Cardiovascular exercise is a fundamental part of any fitness plan. It’s essential whether you’re an athlete with experience or a newbie to exercising. Cardio is essential whether your goal is to lose some weight, get more fit or simply live healthier.

Health experts generally advise two or three hours of cardio exercise every week to decrease health risks. However, if you intend to lose a considerable amount of weight, you’ll need to workout more often. For example, you’ll want to perform about five hours of moderately intense activity per week. Note that this is cardio only and doesn’t include strength machine training. Talk with a trainer to gain a clearer understanding of cardio. Trainers can help outline a plan for you. Additionally, trainers will you help you keep your motivation. Used Fitness Equipment San Jose

Cardiovascular exercise basically means a rhythmic physical activity that elevates the heart rate. The goal is to achieve a heartrate in a zone that burns calories. Even cardio sessions as brief as ten minutes apply towards your cardio time per week.

Used Fitness Equipment San Jose

By gaining an awareness of the many benefits to cardio exercise, you’ll gain a motivation to get started. There are not many other activities one can perform for a brief time offers so many positives. Just a few of the benefits you’ll get from cardio include:

-Burning calories and fat to lose weight. Naturally, this is the most common fitness goal.

-Increase heart and lung strength. A health heart doesn’t need to struggle as much to circulate blood.

-Reduce the risk of heart attack, elevated cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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