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Many who are new to a fitness plan view strength training as something only for more advanced athletes. However, this is a misconception. In fact there are multiple benefits to making strength training a part of your workout. Not only can strength training boost your physical capacity, it can improve your abilities in daily living. With regular weight training, you’ll improve your ability to work longer. Other benefits include:

-Strength training enhances bone density. One of the most effective ways to limit bone loss due to aging is through weight training.

-It helps promote fat-free body mass. The leaner muscle mass that we all strive for decreases as we age. Additionally, it can turn into fatty tissue without sufficient strength training.

-Training with weights helps strengthen connective tissue and tendons in addition to muscle. Consequently, this results in better motor skills and less risk of injury.

-Improves your general sense of wellness as you gain self-confidence. Strength training not only makes you stronger, but also helps sustain a healthy weight.

Starting Out with Weight Training – Used Fitness Equipment Seattle

-Begin slowly. This will lower your risk of soreness and injury.

-Start weight training with single sets. Work up gradually to multiple sets.

-Use weight amounts appropriate to your condition. Using excessive weight amounts increases your risk of injury. Likewise, not using sufficient weights means your muscles won’t work hard enough and attain the results you want. In order to know if you’re lifting the right amount, it should be difficult to perform the final repetitions.

-Allow your muscles ample time for recovery. Wait at least two days before training the same muscle groups again.

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Pound4Pound carries a wide selection of free weights and strength training machines. All of our Used Fitness Equipment Seattle meets high quality standards. Order equipment today and start your journey to fitness!