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Pound4Pound is a premiere source of high quality pre-owned and new fitness machines for commercial and residential gyms. We stock a huge inventory of treadmills, recumbent bikes, ellipticals, strength trainers, free weights, upright bikes, steppers, multi stations and more. Our refurbished machines are put through a detailed inspection to assure top quality. Worn or faulty components are always replaced before we approve a machine for sale and delivery.


Used Gym Equipment Nashville

Get In Shape This Year With Used Gym Equipment Nashville

Are you considering your first fitness machine for your home? Elliptical trainers are one of the most effective options when it comes to Used Gym Equipment Nashville and getting in better shape. Ellipticals not only offer a good low-impact option for effective exercise, but they can also target just about every muscle group while helping to enhance cardio health. If you’re just starting out on your elliptical trainer, there are a couple things to keep in mind to help attain the most effective workout without overextending and risking an injury.

To really get the best results from a session on your elliptical machine, it’s important to use the trainer to its maximum capabilities. This typically means you should pedal forward to exert your quads, pedal backwards to exert the glutes and hamstrings, push the handles to focus on your chest and pull the on handles to exert the upper back. Releasing the handles, alternatively, will serve to work your body’s core muscle groups. Throughout the session, the continuing motion will supply you with a satisfying aerobic workout that targets your cardiovascular endurance.

Many ellipticals are programmed with a number of different workout options. These allow the machine to automatically adjust to the resistance and to your targeted stride rate. By using these programming options, you can choose a beginner’s setting that’s right for you.

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