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Used Treadmills El Paso

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The treadmill offers a satisfying workout that doesn’t require the user to have a lot of fitness experience. Newbies and seasoned runners can workout specific to their fitness levels. Optimize your treadmill workouts by taking advantage of the useful features these machine offer.

The treadmill has a belt upon which the user walks, jogs or runs. Speeds typically range from one to 15 mph. The belt’s incline is adjustable from flat all the way to a 15 percent grade. Some specialized treadmills even permit the user to set the grade as high as 30 percent. Most treadmills provide you with the ability to input your age and weight to estimate the calories you burn. Also, the monitor usually displays your pace and distance.

Used Treadmills El Paso

Since pace and incline are adjustable, a workout on Used Treadmills El Paso may vary from easy to very challenging. A beginning workout may involve walking at a speed of about three mph on a zero incline for 10 minutes. Then, slowly advance over the next few weeks to longer time periods. Gradually, you can increase the pace and add hills to develop your endurance.

Treadmills also offer options for walkers who want to avoid the high impact of running. For example, add hills to create a tougher workout that targets the hamstrings and the glutes. Running uphill helps burns significant calories while also building endurance. Consequently, if you become efficient running up hills, you’ll also become efficient at running on flat racecourses.

Whether you need a single machine for your home gym or several for a large facility, we have the inventory. Call today and let our customer care reps know your Used Treadmills El Paso requirements. We can recommend the best solutions for your facility and budget!