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Used Treadmills Fresno

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Like with many other purchases, safety is an important aspect when it comes to fitness machines for your home gym.

A solid, durable treadmill is safer than a lighter unit, for example. It also provides a smoother, more enjoyable workout and simply tends to last longer. A treadmill that features side railings offers extra security. Particularly for users who may have trouble balancing or who are recovering from injuries.

Many types of treadmills come with a safety key which serves as a kind of circuit breaker. When the key is not in position, the circuit does not complete. Without power to the unit, it will not start. This is an important feature if there are younger children in your household.

The safety key is typically attaches to the unit with a cord. The other end can clip to your clothes during your workouts. Should you fall, the power to the treadmill cuts and it stops moving immediately. Or, you can stop the treadmills by simply pulling the key out. It’s a smart plan to place your treadmill in a space that’s not accessible to pets and children. After exercising, put the key away in safe place.

Used Treadmills Fresno

Another consideration with respect to Used Treadmills Fresno is the motor. Heavier people usually need a more powerful motor. Likewise if you’ll run on your treadmill for an hour or more daily.

Some treadmills have a one horsepower motor. These models are sufficient only for shorter workout sessions. If you are heavier or plan to run frequently on the machine, consider one with a three horsepower motor.

Our experienced customer care team can recommend Used Treadmills Fresno ideal for your needs. We stock machines from leading manufacturers including Precor, Life Fitness, Star Trac, Free Motion, Nautilus, Matrix and more.