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Less Wear and Tear On Knees and Ankles

Walking or running upon a treadmill helps lower your risk of injury. For starters, it puts less impact on the joints than running on harder surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Also, it helps you prevent twisting your ankle or other types of injuries that can occur on other surfaces. Furthermore, if you run at night treadmills eliminate the safety risks of running in darkness.

Convenience and Staying Motivated

Treadmills allow control over difficulty levels by raising or lowering the deck incline. Of course, the machine also allows control over speed too. This enables the user to challenge themselves and vary their workouts. In addition, most treadmills feature LED read-outs that enable monitoring of pace and distance. Displays also show heartrate along with an estimation of the calorie burn. This data serves to keep people maintain focus by providing numbers that measure progress.

A Good Supplement for Running Outdoors – Used Treadmills Long Beach

Runners may worry that running on a treadmill is not as effective as running outside. However, treadmills do offer a very effective means of obtaining effective cardio exercise. Indeed, running on a treadmill set to a one percent incline requires an energy spend equivalent to running outside.

To optimize your treadmill workouts, consider doing high intensity intervals. It’s basically a cardiovascular training method. It involves alternating periods of exercising at top effort capacity with longer periods of lower effort. Intensity intervals develop better aerobic capability, better insulin sensitivity and reduces abdominal fat.

Another great feature on treadmills is that they can simulate race courses. For example, if you typically run on flat trails but plan to race a hilly 5K, a treadmill will help you prepare for the hills.

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