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Treadmill Training for Your Next Race

The treadmill can serve as a lot more than just a backup on rainy days. In fact, treadmill training can help runners improve their fitness and prepare for the next big race.

Simulate Race Courses. Some of the treadmills available at Pound4Pound feature simulations of race courses. This enables the user to mimic the terrain and practice the hills on a condensed practice race.

Example Workout: Use a race’s elevations map to time your hill running on the treadmill to replicate the course. For instance, let’s say you know there’s a steep hill half-way into a race. Simply raise the incline of the machine at that point so you’ll be used to running it on race day.

Random Intervals. Unpredictable inclines and pace changes offer a more comprehensive workout than a steady speed upon a flat surface. Intervals force the runner to work different muscle groups. Used Treadmills Los Angeles

Example Workout: Just a few variations to your run helps pass the time faster. For example, start with a ten minute warmup. Then run 20 minutes of intervals. Complete the session with a ten minute cooldown.

Interval training is helpful if you don’t have a lot of time for a treadmill run. They can provide an extra jolt of intensity in a short period. In addition, a change in your running helps break up your routine and challenge yourself.

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Try Speed Intervals. When running doing intervals at an outdoor track, most runners tend to slow down towards the final repeats. However, on a Used Treadmills Los Angeles you may only slow down your pace when the belt does too.

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