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We outfit gyms of all sizes with quality, reconditioned equipment at low prices. We stock a wide array of fitness machines like steppers, ellipticals and Used Treadmills San Antonio. On this post we take a quick look at another excellent machine – the arc trainer.

Arc trainers are stationary workout machines that combine the features of Used Treadmills San Antonio, ellipticals and stair climbers. These affordable, versatile machines can help you increase strength and build more endurance

The Arc Trainer is really a name brand that’s registered by the manufacturer Cybex International. In contrast to an elliptical where the pedals move in a pattern, the Arc Trainer’s move in an “arc” pattern. Interestingly, the Arc Trainer is only made to produce force in the weight-bearing cycle of your stride. This unique design provides a high-calorie burn with minimal stress upon the hips, ankles and knees.

Used Treadmills San Antonio – Lose Weight with Quality, Used Fitness Machines

As you likely know already, exercising burns calories. An aerobic activity such as Arc Training is quite effective at this. Your body needs those calories in order to keep functioning specifically during an intense workout session. They are the basically the fuel of the body. If you have an excess amount of calories your body has ample fuel for exercise.

However, if you do not regularly exercise, those excess calories convert into unwanted body fat. Using an Arc Trainer for only half an hour can result in a calorie burn of up to 475 calories. Naturally, this depends on the intensity of your training. In addition, your weight plays a factor too.

Visit the rest of our site and check out the selection of Arc Trainers. They’re an ideal choice if your goal is to develop greater endurance while also losing some weight. We ship nationwide and internationally.