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Used Treadmills San Francisco

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Customize Workouts with a Treadmill

If you aim to lose weight or train for a 5K, treadmill running will help you achieve your goals. Used Treadmills San Francisco empower you with the convenience of performing workouts based on your own schedule. Also, they give you full control. Simply set the pace, incline, warm-up, and cool-down to your preference.

Maintaining a pace for a particular distance is a lot easier with a treadmill. On the other hand, when you run outdoors, you might slow down without realizing it. This may have a negative result on the effectiveness of your training. With a treadmill, it’s much easier to sustain the pace you want.

Interval training, which alternates short periods of speed with recovery time, is another option with treadmills. Additionally, treadmills are helpful if you plan to train for a race or maintain speed.

Used Treadmills San Francisco – Monitor Your Heartrate

Heartrate is usually displayed as heartbeats per minute. You need to maintain a heart rate at the right intensity levels for a specific period to optimize your workout. This helps improve and strengthen your heart and lungs. If your heartbeat is too low, for instance, you likely won’t get the max benefits. Conversely, it can be hazardous to your health if your heart rate is too high.

Treadmills make it easy for you to track your pulse. Many varieties, such as Precor treadmills, feature built-in monitoring that enables tracking of your progress. It also helps you remain within your zone of preference. At Pound4Pound, we carry a wide selection of treadmills by Precor and other leading manufacturers. You’ll be able to set your target heart rate and adjust the incline to your liking.

All of the Used Treadmills San Francisco we stock are reconditioned and ready to help you attain your fitness goals. Order today at 847-558-9748.