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Used Treadmills San Jose

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One of the benefits to exercising on an Arc Trainer regularly is that it strengthens several muscle groups. It accomplishes this by engaging various leg muscles all at once. You can even adjust your Arc Trainer to different modes and gait lengths. This feature allows targeting of certain muscles and stimulates them in various ways.

An Arc Trainer helps engage more muscles of the legs than other fitness machines. The general result of is that muscles from your glutes down to your calves will engage and tone up. Furthermore, Arc Trainers feature handles with a wider variation in distances and motion than stair steppers or ellipticals. Used Treadmills San Jose

In addition, an Arc Trainer works the chest, arms and shoulders. Even the abdominal muscles engage during a workout on this efficient machines. Consequently, this engages the core muscles too.

With respect to improving muscle tone, the Arc Trainer offers similarities to the elliptical trainer and stair stepper machine.

Used Treadmills San Jose – An Effective Cardio Workout

An Arc Trainer is an excellent aerobic machine that offers many cardio benefits. To clarify, aerobic exercises require a significant amount of oxygen to perform. A cardio workout causes your heartrate to rise above its resting rate. Without a doubt, an Arc Trainer accomplishes this.

Most people are aware that cardio exercise is a big part of any fitness plan. However, they may not be sure of the specific reasons why. For example, cardio trains your heart to get more efficient at circulating blood through the body. Also, an Arc Trainer helps lower your resting heartrate and blood pressure too. Importantly, this means your heart doesn’t have to labor as hard to perform its job.

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