Matrix Strength Circuit **Coming Soon**

Matrix Strength Circuit **Coming Soon**

$25,000.00 $21,000.00


Pound4Pound Fitness Equipment is your one stop shop for all your equipment needs. We have everything you need to open your new gym at a substantial savings! This Matrix circuit is brand new Versa and Aura equipment in black.

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The Versa Series incorporates advanced biomechanics for a natural, smooth, efficient workout experience. A gas-assisted design makes seat adjustments quick and effortless, and four-bar linkage provides unmatched stability. Matrix has designed a more comfortable experience with their patented Action Specific Grips. The grips are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on contact points, redefining feel, form and function for a more comfortable experience.

  1. Versa Abduction/Adduction
  2. Versa Leg Press
  3. Versa Seated Leg Curl
  4. Versa Leg Extension
  5. Versa Glute
  6. Versa Diverging Lat Pulldown
  7. Versa Diverging Seated Row
  8. Versa Converging Shoulder Press
  9. Versa Abdominal
  10. Versa Dual Assisted Chin/Dip
  11. Aura Arm Curl (Black)
  12. Aura Tricep Extension (Black)
  13. Aura Rear Delt/Fly (Black)
  14. Aura Prone Leg Curl (Black)
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