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We have a large amount of Keiser M3 and M3i Indoor Cycle Bikes in stock starting at $500 on up



The Levergym Squat/Calf machine is designed to maximize your squat and calf training. With the Safety of our Lever Arm and a footplate with the optimal angle, all of the stress and pressure is taken off the lower back and knees. The resistance is focused on the thighs, glutes and hamstrings or calves. Take your glute and leg training to the next level.



An easy to access bar at the top allows the user to start and stop the exercises with a simple push or pull motion. A fixed safety stops at the bottom of your natural range of motion for added safety.

1” Weight Horn available

a pair of tiresOLYMPIC PLATE 45 LBS PAIR (NO BAR)  (+$185.00)
a close-up of a sea creatureOLYMPIC PLATE 255 LBS SET (NO BAR)  (+$525.00)
a close-up of some screwsOLYMPIC PLATE 345 LBS SET (NO BAR)  (+$710.00)
a black and white logoWORKBENCH® WEIGHT RACK  (+$249.00)

Accessories Available: No

Isolateral Function: No

Starting Weight (Unloaded): 30 lbs.

Max Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 58″ x 55″ x 61.6″ (inches)

Product Weight: 198.0 lbs.

Total Shipping Weight: 197 lbs.