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Precor RBK 885 P80 Recumbent Bike


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The Precor RBK 885 Recumbent Bike features the innovative 880 Line console along with a step-through design that appeals to fitness fans of all ages and experience levels. The simple, comfortable seat is adjustable to allow the user the ability to change position with one hand whether they are on or off the recumbent bike. For even more comfort, the seat is air flex ventilated.

The RBK 885 has a commercially-established design that is both durable, appealing for any fitness facility and easy to service too. It includes proprietary innovations such as the above-mentioned airflex seat and convenient seat adjustment settings for excellent rider comfort. In addition, the 880 Line touchscreen console offers an integrated media and fitness experience.

A step-through configuration for easy mounting and two-sided foot pedals make this recumbent machine a well-made product that lasts. It’s also easy to access under the shroud for service and there’s typically no need to remove the foot pedals or the crank.

An 880 line console provides the user with a clear 15 inch screen that is perfectly positioned for delivering optimal viewing for exercisers who are in motion. When it is networked, users can enjoy a direct portal that’s ideal for growing your brand, sharing practical information about club activities and simply connecting with other people in the fitness community.

Why use a recumbent bike? Maybe the main reason why so many people choose them is simply for the comfort. Featuring a seat that’s similar to a chair, recumbent bikes provide good back support when compared to many other kinds of exercise bikes. Not only is this a plus for elderly people or those who have back issues, but it helps to minimize strain in general for the rider. As a result, using a recumbent bike encourages the rider to work out more frequently!

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