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This commercial, high quality Cybex 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer offers a design that concentrates on the user’s lower body. The 770A presents the same excellent features as the Total Body Arc Trainer with the exception of the arm motions. A popular fitness machine with personal trainers who often choose the 770A for its workout versatility.

Features include:

-The Cybex Muscle Map motivator.
-Custom viewing mode for individual use.

Training for Strength and Weight Loss with the Cybex 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer

See results in less time. The Cybex Arc Trainer machine helps burn a significant amount of calories. The science driving these excellent results in the machine’s arc motion. It serves to engage the quads and glutes, which demands a lot of energy. Consequently, that yields a satisfying calorie burn. Also, because the Arc places demand on muscles rather than joints, it does not put a lot of strain upon the knees. Contact us today!

Get Stronger, Build Endurance

  • *Elliptical trainers like the 770A offer a lot of benefits for the cardiovascular system. Exercising with an elliptical raises your heart rate and, as a result, strengthens the heart too. It also increases the general aerobic capacity of your whole body.
  • *Elliptical trainer provide an integrated, total body workout. In contrast to a treadmill, an elliptical not only works on the lower body but also engages the upper body as well. This is because ellipticals feature handle-levers that are pulled and pushed in synch with leg movements.
  • *While exercising with the 770A, your heels remain connected to the machine’s pedals. This does not place extra strain on the knees and back – unlike running outdoors on a hard surface. This makes ellipticals ideal for seniors or anyone prone to painful joint issues.

*Actual product’s, appearance, options and more may vary from picture and description above.