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Precor EFX 885 Version 2 Elliptical


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Pre-Owned* Precor EFX885 Elliptical

The Precor EFX 885 is an innovative combination of reliability with a converging “stride path” that provides the user with an elliptical machine that is suitable for either a commercial fitness facility or a home gym. In the well-established tradition of Precor’s dedication to dependability and convenience, the EFX885 is simple to keep clean and maintain. It features a covered rear drive housing and ramp, along with an active status light all to enhance the user experience.

The EFX 885 has all the fitness benefits of Precor’s CrossRamp® technologies and moving handlebars to provide a satisfying full-body workout. CrossRamp® technology provides ramp inclines ranging from 10 to 35 degrees, allowing the user to target varying muscle groups for a more versatile workout experience.

Because of the unit’s distinctive converging stride path, the exerciser’s running or walking movements are very natural – and with this elliptical’s 880 line touchscreen console, exercisers can enjoy their workouts through an intuitive interface.

Versatile Workouts for Gaining Strength and Endurance

  • *Users of the EFX885 have the option of isolating or crosstraining specific muscle groups of the lower body just by making adjustments to the angle of the ramp. This makes it easy to focus on different muscle groups, encourage training variety and get results! It’s also designed to minimize stressful impact on the joints.
  • *With the moving handlebars of the EFX 885, the exerciser’s pushing and pulling motion helps to develop the upper body to attain a total workout.
  • *The 880 line console presents a vivid 15-inch screen that’s ergonomically placed to deliver clearly visible entertainment viewing for the user. Also, when the unit is networked it can provide an effective communication avenue for building your brand, sharing helpful information about club activities and products and for enhancing a general sense of community at your fitness facility.

*Actual product’s, appearance, options and more may vary from picture and description above.

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